New Music Mondays
Mondays at 3:00pm

Featuring new music from Local, National and International Independent Musicians.

Check out the Playlist Page for more info on the music you hear.

Jaclyn Falk and/or Jesse Frunkhauss

New Music Mondays

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06/24/13 w/ Brownout, Doug MacLeod, Mountain Sprout and more!
06/17/13 w/ Blank Postcards, Danny Wildcard, Secondhand Watches and more!
06/10/13 w/ Casey Turner, The Upset Victory, Doziac and more!
06/03/13 w/ Nenad Bach, Lottie and the Manatee, Archie Alone and more!
05/27/13 w/ special guests Lottie and the Manatee! [Podcast]
05/20/13 - w/ The Shiz, Brenda, Dana Mase and more!
05/13/13 - w/ Archie Alone, Sacred Ash, Sexy Heroes and more!
05/06/13 - w/ Jaheto, Lottie and the Manatee, Tempera and more!
04/29/13 - w/ Kurt Baker, Heather Rose in Clover, Angel Rissoff and more!
04/22/13 - w/ Set to Stun, The neyBuzz, Endangered Speeches and more!
04/15/13 - w/ Special Guests Curly and Miles of Nothing Personal
04/08/13 - w/ Wes Ervine, JM Cruiz, Neil Alexander + Nail and more!
04/01/13 - w/ Le Jazz Electronique, Tara Napoli, Dan Knudsen and more!
03/25/13 - w/ Zingaya, Gusher, Bass Box and more!
03/18/13 - w/ Bloody Muffs, Wordsmith, On Your Marks and more!
03/11/13 - w/ Le Jazz Electronique, Septimius the Great, Klezwoods and more!
03/04/13 - w/ Black Cherry, Elliott Glick, Rachel Griffin and more!
02/25/13 - w/ The Pipeliners, Incomplete Denial, Derik Hultquist and more!
02/18/13 - w/ Jambalaya Brass Band, The Fabulous Rudies, Wildcard Family Revival and more!
01/21/13 - w/ special guest Jaclyn Falk, Dead Man's Clothes, Ameet Kamath and more!
01/14/13 - w/ Pine Box Boys, Black Cherry, The Rivington Project and more!
01/07/13 - w/ David Budway, The Reverie Machine, BD Mooney and more!
12/24/12 - w/ Rita Harvey, Jason Webley, Dr. Nancy Mroczek and more!
12/17/12 - w/ Kathy's Rock Blues Band, Jenny Amlen, Rustic Overtones and more!
12/10/12 - w/ special guest Mark Charles Heidinger of Vandaveer, also music from Anne Steele, Elliott Glick and more!
12/03/12 - w/ Ameet Kamath, Black Cherry, The Mellow Spaceships and more!
11/26/12 - w/ Vandaveer, Captain Ahab & the Sea Crackens, Diamond Sharp and more!
11/19/12 - w/ Simon Clothier, Klezwoods, Elevator Art and more!
11/12/12 - w/ Brown Bird, The Bosch, Pat Jones and more!
11/05/12 - w/ Patrick Rettig, It Was July, Christina the Astonishing and more!
10/22/12 - w/ Vandaveer, The Jelly Project, The Young Republic and more!
10/15/12 - w/ Cantata for the Children of Terezin, Alycea & the X Isles, Side Trax and more!
10/08/12 - w/ Victor Magnani, Bobby Belfry & The David Budway Trio, Chuck McPherson's Cold Sweat Sextet and more!
10/01/12 - w/ The Johnny Foodstamp Show, Professor Louie and the Crowmatix, De'Adre Aziza and more!
06/11/12 - w/Harris Face - Album of the Week, Medic, 20 Riverside, McCarthyizm, Emily Wryn, and Hiroya Tsukamoto!
05/07/12 - w/Behind the Houses, Brocade, Joshua P. James and the Paper Planes, KiB, Jodi Shaw, Nee and more!
04/23/12 - w/Dance For the Dying, Brandon James, Kenny Wesley, Aimee Francis, Fly Radio, Adam Plomaritas, Stone Cold Fox, The Soonest, The Vandon Arms, and more!
04/02/12 - w/Fiawna Forte, Adam Brock, Baby Brother, The Castros, Turner, Brittany Kwasnik, Ben Shannon, Michi, and a special live performance & interview with Daniel Dye.
03/26/12 - w/Slydigs, Kristen Cothron & the Darkside, Jet West, Anadel, Wooster, Trinity Feat R.O.E., Kentish Fire, Nico Rivers, New Sweden, Oxford Train, Joshua Jesty, Deanna Cartea, Cure For Caska, and Vic and Gab.
03/19/12 - w/Ocean, Jake Ian and the Haymakers, In Like Lions, Angie & the Carwrecks, Saul Kurtz, The Elders, Sleep Dance, Pawn Shop Saints, The Headlocks, Outseek, Kellen & Me, Alex The Great, The Ambassador, and Morrison.
03/12/12 - w/The Atlas Mountains, The Great Afternoon, Clovis Mann, Philly Moves, Stillwater Giants, Lucy Stone, My Pet Dragon, The End of America, Red Light Cameras, The Bad Tenants, Rare Monk, Dan McCormick, Late Cambrian, and The Onlies.
02/20/12 - w/Sidestreet KED, MiZ, The Fight, Discourse, Jason Waters, Lonesome Ghost, Page 9, Incline District, Davis McGee, Putnam Murdock, Of Gentlemen and Cowards, Zing Experience, Shockparade and The Angry Orts.
02/13/12 - We're No Heroes, Fighting Gemini, Out On The Streets, Shanna Underword, Oy Vey, The Midnite, Morning Fuzz, Ula Ruth, Moovalaya, Badman, Good Intentions, Kristin Errett, Canyon, Pure Joy, Quito Rymer and the Edge.
02/06/12 - Haulover Drive, Sean Giddings, Hell & Lula, Julian Miles Davis, Days N Daze, Rockets & Dinosaurs, Trist, McAlister Drive, The Rucksack Willies, Missions, City City, Elaine Greer & Yellow Birds, Overman, Tribe-O.
01/16/12 - The Lounge Crusade, Noah Silver, The Future Laureates, The Corners, Chris Vittese, Hawks of Alba, Cascade Kinzie, Ned Evett, Will West & the Friendly Strangers, Mittenfields, Love Hate Rebellion, The JD Edwards Band, Roman & Alaina, Bent Creek Band, Buddy McNeil & the Magic Mirrors.
01/09/12 - Oogee Wawa, Wild Rompit, House of Ghosts, Midwest Dilemma, Self Evident, Paper Anchors, The Upset Victory, Julien Funk & the Pointed Thief, Simon Pipe, The Ballroom Thieves, JK & The Lost Boys, Robinson Treacher, Stephan Nance, Mike Vial & the Great Lake Effect, SYNRGY.
12/19/11 - Ryan Sy, My Pet Dragon, The Detours, Bern & the Brights, Plain & Simple, Artwork, Raushi, Salewka, Posterra, Erin Saoirse Adair, The Fires Of, Tim Sheerman, Jason Esler and Orpheus.
12/12/11 - The Sweeps, Son Is A Gunner, Night Fruit, Naked On Roller Skates, Modern American Theatre, Six Storeys High, Be The Ant, Best Friends, Tangent Transmission, Engloria, Who Is James Kennedy, Trip To Dover, No King For Countrymen, Homesick Elephant and UNRB.
12/05/11 - For The Kid in the Back, Joey Hizon Project, Dakota Jay, Little Green Blackbird, Church Mice, The Danny Cannon Show, Brian Mackey, Audio Trip, Lisa Jaeggi, The Scandals, Philip Cohen, Sugar Lime Blue, Chris Keys and Without A Fight.
11/28/11 - Hundredsomethings, Kevin Basko, Geronimo, Wordsmith, Hope Hazy, Benhur, Monstrauss, Jet Black Sunrise New Stellar Star, Jessy Tomsko, Johnny Cakes and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso, Bethesda, Late Nite Reading and Sal Casabianca.
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